Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday, July 2

The Grace Guys (aka: Greg Abbott & Mark Norman) left Des Moines on schedule Wednesday afternoon at 2:19.

After a three hour layover in O'Hare Airport, we flew to Brussels, Belgium, arriving on Thursday around 9:30 a.m. It was a long (8 hours) flight but being the grizzled travel veterans that we are we survived heroically. After going through customs we were warmly met by the Rizza family, Bruno, Aurelie, Chiara (12), and Emma (10). When Greg was in France five years ago, he met Bruno and the two became good friends. So when he heard that we were coming to Lille, Bruno and family opened up their delightful home in Pecquencourt to us.

They have been so kind to us, making us feel right at home.

Today we tried to keep busy, as we were fighting jet-lag (although old age probably had something to play in the matter, as well). We played catch in their backyard before a brief rain shower drove us back inside. We also went to a beautiful park in Rieulay, a nearby town.

They have been trying out their English on us, and in turn we have been butchering the beautiful French language with our attempts to repeat what they tell us.

After a great supper, we were treated to musical pieces by each of the Rizza gals.

Thanks for all the prayers!
More later,
the Grace guys

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